Wellness Committee

Health and well-being is a lifelong journey. The Department of Neurology is here to support its faculty and staff in their workplace wellness and beyond. 

Our Mission

The mission of the wellness committee is to establish and maintain a positive workplace that strengthens personal well-being through education and initiatives that reflect the University’s philosophy that supports healthy lifestyle choices. We are here to provide you with the tools and resources to have a healthy work-life balance, to challenge your present state of wellness and enrich your future to reach your full potential. More than any other University we are so much more than the sum of our many excellent parts, and our greatest value is our talented faculty and staff.

Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Initiatives

  • Provide a more vast compilation of resources that may not be known or easily navigated through current sites.
  • Provide information more specifically relevant to the Neurology department, determined by feedback from the employees.
  • Increase the sense of community within the department and create a more positive moral among staff.
  • Attempt to make wellbeing and wellness a more-fun priority amongst the department by encouraging more involvement.

Committee Leads

Tasha Kaiser, Clinical Research Coordinator

Tasha earned her Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology at Rochester College and worked 8 years in in-patient psychiatric care/emergency medicine, and came to our department 5 years ago to work on vertigo studies in the ER. She currently works with Dr. Hank Paulson and Dr. Vikram Shakkottai on the Spinocerebellar Ataxia studies, and will graduate in April with her Master of Science in Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis from the Rackham Graduate School. 

“Days of late are very overwhelming and the unknown is almost suffocating. Regardless, the world does not stop turning and we are left to carry on with work and life as usual. One way to maintain homeostasis during these dire times is to ensure our state of wellbeing. While our battles may choose us, I am a firm believer that we can direct our focus away from that which we have no control over and onto what we do. I have always strived to have a career that I love, and now that I do I feel that it is the best place to begin implementing habits and behaviors of wellness that will promote positive wellbeing that can support us with all aspects of life. It is said that existence precedes essence, and it is my goal as a Neurology Wellness Lead to encourage our department to recognize the significance of wellbeing, demonstrate the potential and benefits from its practice, and support others in any way I can to take advantage of the resources our institution offers. I am immensely enthralled to work with Laura in assisting everyone on this journey and am confident that together we can make this a successful mission.”

Laura Gwyn, GME Program Administration

Laura has worked with the University for 10 years, starting out as an Administrative Assistant for Facilities Maintenance (F & O) in the Medical School. After 5 years with F & O, Laura joined our department as Administrative Assistant supporting our Multiple Sclerosis physicians.  After about two and a half years, she joined the GME team as the Residency Program Coordinator.

“The importance of wellness was at the forefront of almost every topic when I attended the ACGME conference in 2019. Wellness immediately caught my attention as it was not something that was talked about in my work life nor was I implementing it in my personal life. I left the conference with great encouragement and inspiration to get started on my own well-being and how to help improve the well-being of others. This made the decision to join Tasha in co-leading the department's staff wellness initiatives very easy.  I believe the key to finding a good work-life balance starts within yourself and making sure you are happy! Once you start working on yourself, it is easy to spread the wealth of knowledge to others. Over the last few weeks I have discovered many different resources that are available to promote a healthy mind, body and soul and I look forward to starting the new year promoting a climate where everyone can be well and feel happy both at work and at home.”