At Michigan NeuroSport, clinical research is the cornerstone of sports concussion care and the strength of our research effort utilizes the many collaborative relationships in place within the University of Michigan Health System.  The combined efforts of our multidisciplinary team has led to many encouraging clinical research collaborations that are centered on improving the neurological care of athletes, especially those with concussion and head trauma. The Michigan NeuroSport Research Laboratory, directed by Dr. Steven Broglio (Associate Professor of Kinesiology), performs baseline and post-injury cognitive testing, clinical measures of balance and head impact assessment.  In addition, our clinicians and researchers are actively engaged in pilot studies to better understand the effects of sports related head trauma, as well as provide helpful strategies and tools to effectively manage the injury. We are currently conducting the following clinical research studies.

  • National Sport Concussion Outcomes Study (NCAA):  This project is designed to study the role equipment plays in sports concussion, develop algorithms for predicting head impact exposure based on sport/position/gender/level of play and assess the short-term neurological effects of concussion and sub-concussive head impacts.
  • The Impact of Concussive and Sub-Concussive Blows on Brain Network Activity (NIH/NINDS):  This study will provide insight into how sub-concussive impacts influence brain function and how clinical assessment tools relate to more sensitive measures of brain function.
  • Concussion Across the Lifespan: Persistent Effects on Brain, Neurocognitive Functioning, & Motor Control (National Athletic Trainers Association):  This project is designed to describe changes in cognitive and motor function in 20, 40 and 60-year old participants who sustained a concussion in their teen years.
  • Evaluating a Novel Method of EEG Evoked Response Potential Analysis in Sport Concussion Assessment (ElMindA, Ltd):  This project will determine the test-retest reliability of brain network activation scores in healthy individuals and the effect of sport related concussion and sub-concussive head impacts on brain network activation scores in athletes.