Living In Ann Arbor

What is there to see and do in Ann Arbor Michigan? PLENTY!

Ann Arbor offers its residents the personal and professional advantages of a city many times its size without the disadvantages of big city living.   Located in southeastern lower Michigan about 40 miles west of Detroit, Ann Arbor was named one of the ten North American dream towns by Outside Magazine in 1999.  Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan and offers a tremendous amount of educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

The Arts Theatre is available at many levels including professional theatre in nearby Chelsea, local community theatre and University productions.  The University of Michigan Department of Music is among the top five in the country and provides frequent public performances including operas, choral productions, jazz and classical and modern music.  The Film Society shows foreign, classical and experimental movies.  In addition, Ann Arbor is a regular stop on the touring route of first-rate artists, musicians, dance troupes and theatre companies.  For the performer, there are many opportunities to join dance troupes, choirs, musical ensembles, and theatre groups.

Athletics/Outdoor Activities

The University of Michigan's Athletic Program provides exciting entertainment with almost daily men and women's varsity sporting events.

There are multiple intramural teams and county recreational leagues for those who prefer to participate.

In addition, for a small fee, residents may use university athletic facilities and take classes ranging from yoga to ballroom dancing.

For the outdoor enthusiast, there is a large system of parks with bike paths, hiking and running trails, canoe liveries, swimming pools, lakes, tennis courts, gold courses, cross-country skiing trails, and ice-skating rinks.

Indoor Activities

There are many excellent museums in Ann Arbor including the Museum of Art, the Kelsey Archeology Museum, the Ruthven Natural History Museum, the Clements Rare Documents Library, and the Hands-On Museum for children.  The University of Michigan sponsors an assortment of programs including guest lecturers, star-gazing at the observatory and colloquia.  Shopping is available in galleries, boutiques, shopping malls and local outlet centers.


The downtown area is vigorous and thriving.  One can choose from a large number of activities including local theatre, movies and classic films, live concerts, comedy clubs, jazz and blues clubs, dance clubs, bars and brew pubs, and a tremendous variety of restaurants.

Special Events

Special events occur annually including the nationally acclaimed Ann Arbor Street Art Fair which is the largest of over 10,000 art fairs held annually in the US each year, the Ethnic Festival and the Top of the Park Summer Festival.   An Antiques Market is held monthly during the summery and the Farmer's Market is open weekly year-round for bountiful fresh produce, flowers and plants.

Local Destinations

Ann Arbor provides easy access to the international airport and to popular metropolitan destinations such as Chicago, Detroit and Toronto.  Northern Michigan is bountiful and provides excellent skiing, camping, hiking, and dune climbing.

Ann Arbor Honors and Awards

      • May 1999 Outside Magazine names Ann Arbor one of ten "North American Dream Towns, 1999" stating, "No matter what moves you, these are the places to move to".
      • October 1997: Ann Arbor finishes 10th in Ladies Home Journal poll of best cities for women.
      • March 1997: Reader's Digest rates Ann Arbor the nation's 15th best city for raising a family. Poll factors included crime rate, quality of schools, clean air and water, youth activities and health care.
      • November 1996: A Money magazine survey rated Ann Arbor among the nation's 15 safest cities.
      • July 1996: Readers of the 20-something magazine Swing voted Ann Arbor the nation's third best place to live.
      • June 1996: Money magazine ranks Ann Arbor fifth among its list of top cities to live.