How Do I Apply?

Application Due Date

Applications will be accepted through PhORCAS, the web-based pharmacy residency application system. The application deadline is January 2nd, 2024.

Requirements for an Application in PhORCAS  

  • Demographics     
  • Academic History (pharmacy and non-pharmacy colleges attended)
  • Transcripts from college of pharmacy (additional transcripts are not required)
  • Curriculum Vitae - please ensure you address the following areas in your CV when applicable and add to PhORCAS application if possible. We want to make sure we have the most accurate information on all your great accomplishments!
    • Work experiences: Please detail any internship, technician, research, or other work experiences you held during pharmacy school. Amount of hours weekly/monthly is extremely valuable to showcase (especially if done during the academic year) and the types of activities you were expected to complete. 
    • Research experience: Please list longitudinal and rotation research experiences and what activities you completed. This could be a full research project or a medication/drug use evaluation. Showcasing your role in those projects is super helpful- were you the primary investigator? Did you help with data collection? Did you write/submit an IRB? How involved were you with the study design? 
    • Writing experiences: This could include manuscripts and publications. This can also include newsletters, web articles, monographs, policies, procedures, guidelines, and commentaries. Please include any publications with the corresponding references of the journal it was published in or accepted/submitted to.  
    • Presentations: This includes poster and platform presentations at a local, state, or national conference. This can also include presentations given on rotation, like a policy at P&T you developed, a nursing/medical provider in-service, or a presentation given to preceptors/students/class. This doesn't typically include topic discussions or journal clubs completed on rotation. 
    • Leadership: Please include all roles you held in professional organizations, including executive board and chair membership and what activities you completed. 
    • Volunteer/community service: List any volunteer or community service activities you completed during pharmacy school. 
  • Letter of Intent - why is this residency program and organization the right one for you? 
  • Letter of recommendation: We require 3 letters in PhORCAS system. There are no specific requirements for letters of recommendations. 
  • Extracurricular activities - try to include what was on your CV here including leadership
  • Volunteering experiences and roles

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