2016 Forum


On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, more than 110 Emergency Medicine faculty, staff, trainees, researchers, and more converged on NCRC to attend the department’s inaugural William G. Barsan Emergency Medicine Research Forum.

The day began with an informative, insightful keynote speech by the event honoree and founding chair of the U-M Department of Emergency Medicine: Dr. William G. Barsan.  He shared highlights of his stroke research and, best of all, an overview of his path into his field of work.

Research Forum Program & Videos

See below for a full listing of presenters and to link to video of each presentation.  Or visit our department YouTube site to access all videos from the event.  A copy of the full print program is available here.  And you may access slides to all Forum presentations on our department Slideshare site.


    • William G. Barsan, MD, keynote address, “The Elusive Promise of Neuroprotection”
    • Keith Kocher, MD, “Working to Improve the Performance of Emergency and Acute Care”
    • Patrick Carter, MD, “U-M Injury Center and M-Health to Decrease Substance Use and Firearm Behaviors”
    • John Burkhardt, MD, “Medical Education Research”
    • Alex Rogers, MD, “Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network”
    • Michael Boyd, MD, “Using HEART Score and Visual Aid in Patients Presenting to the ED”
    • Sarah Tomlinson, MD, “Using Live Educational Tweets to Broaden Conference Workshop Reach”
    • Kevin Ward, MD, “Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care”
    • Michelle Macy, MD, “Increasing Child Passenger Safety Research and Impact”
    • Mahshid Abir, MD, “Acute Care Health Services Research Unit”
    • William Meurer, MD, “Neurological (Emergencies) Treatment Trials”
    • J. Scott VanEpps, MD, PhD, “Translational Microbiology Laboratory”
    • Frederick Korley, MD, PhD, “Risk Stratification of ‘Mild’ Traumatic Brain Injury”
    • Michele Nypaver, MD 

Attendees had this to say about the event and the department’s research:

  • “I had no idea that there was so much excellent research going in EM.  Very impressive group."
  • “The scale and scope of emergency research is huge, and I was not aware of that.”
  • “We are doing incredible work in this department, which should be celebrated!”
  • “Wow.  So many great things and so many opportunities!”
  • “We are doing great work.”

The day ended with presentation of Research Achievement awards, based on publication impact factor for published articles in the past year.  Congratulations to all!  Recipients include: 

 Left to right:  S.M. Reza Soroushmehr, Will Meurer, Bill Barsan, and John Burkhart 
(not pictured) Meg Wolff, William Peterson, and Tulasi Jinka

Meg Wolff – Junior Faculty,  Clinical
Will Meurer – Junior Faculty, Instructional
Tulasi Jinka – Junior Faculty, PhD
 John Burkhardt – Medical Education
 William Peterson – Resident
 S.M.  Reza Soroushmehr – Fellow