Building Bridges - Working with Partners at Home and Around the World

Michigan Emergency Medicine forges partnerships within Michigan, across the state and across the world. Our mission, like all University of Michigan units, spans, education, research, patient care, and outreach.  Our success in fulfilling that multifaceted mission depends on our ability to partner and collaborate.  We work with our Michigan Medicine partners to more fully integrate acute care across the entire patient care spectrum.   We've provided national leadership in accelerating impact in emergency medicine, and we're expanding that foundation to extend around the world.  

We're creating alliances with hospitals, payors, government funders, foundations, donors and academic institutions around the world to build and sustain a culture of future-forward innovation in emergency medicine.


Ghana Emergency Medicine Collaborative

The mission of the Collaborative is to improve the provision of emergency medical care in Ghana through innovative and sustainable physician, nursing, and medical student training programs. These programs will increase the number of qualified emergency health care workers retained over time in areas where they are most needed.


EMERGE - Emergency Medicine Education and Research by Global Experts

In conjunction with the U-M Global Reach program, we are building global partnerships to advance emergency medicine around the world.  We are working with our partners to create EMERGE-an international network for emergency medicine education and research by global experts.  Eight sites across six countries are committed to this new international network.