2022 Forum

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022 more than 120 Emergency Medicine faculty, staff, trainees, researchers, and more came together for the Seventh Annual William G. Barsan Emergency Medicine Research Forum. Attendees were immersed in the innovative work being done within the department. 

The forum began with a keynote presentation from Dr. John Halamka,MD, MS, an American business executive and physician.He is president of the  Mayo Clinic Platform, a group of digital and long-distance health care initiatives. Trained in emergency medicine and medical informatics, Dr. Halamka has been developing and implementing health care information strategy and policy for more than 25 years. He specializes in artificial intelligence, the adoption of  electronic health records  and the secure sharing of healthcare data for care coordination, population health, and quality improvement. In 2020, Dr. Halamka was elected to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).

Throughout the day, presentations were delivered by faculty, residents, and fellows.The Research Forum is available for those who were unable to attend by clicking on the following link: https://umich.zoom.us/rec/play/AmUZDkx81vZesnlcD_GSDT_Ou03JKibJLxTF-A-gEI7Gco8zcWNQkXc1TeUxDOeSK9yascFJSU8kN9hV.kAj5huCd6p3noomK?autoplay=true&continueMode=true&startTime=1649858659000

Presenters are listed below along with the title of their presentations and all slides are available on the  department’s Slideshare page.

John Halamka, MD, MS – “Emerging Technology Platforms in Health Care” 
J. Scott VanEpps, MD, PhD – “Recent Applications of Machine Learning to Life-threatening Infection” 
Cindy Hsu, MD, PhD – “Development and Validation of a Clinically Relevant Swine Model of Neurologic Injury after Cardiac Arrest to Translate Neuroprotective Therapies” 
Robert Silbergleit, MD – “SIREN Overview” 
Sardar Ansari, PhD – “PICTURE: Predicting Intensive Care Transfers and Other UnfoReseen Events” 
Florian Schmitzberger, MD, MS – “Detection of Hemodynamic Status using an Analytic Based on an ECG Lead Waveform” 
Laura Seewald, MD – “National FACTS Firearm Survey of Parents with High-School Age Teens” 
Mostafa Abdel-Hamid, MD – “Emergency Department Point-of-care Ultrasonography Decreases Time to Pericardiocentesis: A Retrospective Single-center Cohort Study” 
Jessica Doan, MD – “Role of Emergency Medicine Residents in Collaborative Care of Stroke Patients within the Emergency Department” 
Tim Visclosky, MD – “Parental Perspectives on Life-Altering News in Emergency Settings: A Qualitative Evaluation” 
Laura Hopson, MD – “Understanding our Learners” 
Adrianne Haggins, MD - “Caring for Diverse and Vulnerable Populations"
Christina Brent, MD - “Rural Drone Delivery of Prehospital Interventions” 
Jason Goldstick, PhD – “Multi-site External Validation and Improvement of a Clinical Screening Tool for Future Firearm Violence” 
Courtney Mangus, MD – “Impact of COVID-19 on High-risk Conditions and Associated Complications in a Statewide Pediatric Emergency Network”
Eve Losman, MD – “Harm Reduction for Substance Use Disorder” 
Nicole Klekowski, MD – “I don’t want these to be my people”: Understanding Women’s Experiences in Emergency Medicine and Influences on Specialty Selection” 
Rockefeller Oteng, MD – “The Trauma Emergency and Acute Care Medicine Research Network. Past, Present and Future in Ghana”