Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography Fellowship

The Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasonography (AEMUS) Fellowship Program at the University of Michigan offers fellows a robust training experience that will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to become an ultrasound educator and administrator within an academic or community emergency department. Graduates from the program will become talented ultrasonographers, but will also gain significant exposure to ultrasound research, education, and administration. Our goal is to create future leaders within the clinical ultrasound community through extensive involvement in the institutional, regional, and national level.

We accomplish this through rigorous training in an academic program that utilizes the resources of a nationally recognized university hospital. Fellows will be able to tap into the vast opportunities and resources available to members of the University of Michigan faculty. As a growing section within a strong academic Department of Emergency Medicine, the Clinical Ultrasound faculty are dedicated to fellow education and mentorship and providing a top-tier fellowship experience.

The fellowship program earned Emergency Ultrasonography Fellowship Accreditation Council (EUFAC) accreditation in April 2021.


Separately, we are also delighted to offer ultrasound fellowship training opportunities for those with a background in Pediatrics/Pediatric Emergency Medicine.  In conjunction with our PEM fellowship leadership, we are able to offer a combined PEM/PEMPOCUS fellowship training opportunity.  Please reach out directly to our PEMPOCUS fellowship director, Dr. Nicole Klekowski (email link [email protected]), if you are interested in learning more.  

Mission Statement

Our goal is to train fellows to be leaders in point of care ultrasound. We aim to deliver the best ultrasound fellowship education in the country. Fellows will become excellent clinical sonographers, educators, academic leaders, and administrators in ultrasound. The fellowship will provide the skills necessary to become an effective Ultrasound Director.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The University of Michigan AEMUS Fellowship values diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. Our goal is to recruit physicians from diverse backgrounds regardless of their race, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, socioeconomic status, and other characteristics. Fellows from diverse backgrounds, as well as those who value equity and inclusiveness, better represent the community they serve and strengthen the fellowship program, department of emergency medicine, and society overall.