Research Opportunities

Rebecca Cunningham, MD
[email protected]
  • Projects related to youth violence and gun violence and alcohol and drug misuse

Mahshid Abir, MD, MSc
[email protected]
  • Investigating Patient-Centered Interventions to Reduce Asthma-Related Pediatric Hospitalizations
  • Impact of High Inpatient Occupancy on Outcomes for Elderly Medicare patients
  • Impact of ED Crowding on Patient Disposition Patterns 
  • A Mixed Methods Study to Inform Quality Measures for Medical Control Authority Structure and Performance

Marie Lozon, MD
[email protected]
  • Disaster Preparedness for ED and institution - how will we surge when the time comes?
  • Enterprise stakeholder and resource analysis to address the need for surge space and planning (staffing) during a disaster or pandemic.  This is an administrative and policy project.
  • Hospital at Home…leveraging e health and community partnerships to care for hypoxic bronchiolitis patients at home-program sending selected hypoxic bronchiolitics home with oxygen.  There are several branches of the study..patient selection, education, assessment, outreach and user acceptance for subjects and providers, cost analysis, etc.

Robert Huang, MD
[email protected]
  • The US group have a variety of projects (both ongoing and potentially new). If you have students interested in ultrasound feel free to send them our way, we're happy to accommodate.

Andrew Hashikawa MD
[email protected]
  • ED concussion discharge instructions for teenage athletes (comic book style) based on work that some of my former colleagues have done in Milwaukee using comic style instructions for pain after fractures.   Currently really none of the teenagers with concussions being observed in ED read any of the material wegive them. 

Vijay Singh, MD
[email protected]
  • Intimate partner violence perpetration among males in family practice clinics

Keith Kocher, MD
[email protected]
  • Health services research projects related to Consequences of Variation in Emergency Department Hospitalization Practices Across the United States

Will Meurer, MD
[email protected]
  • Dizziness in the emergency department: We did a randomized trial of an educational intervention to change provider behavior given hypothetical dizziness scenarios; Stage: data collected and not fully analyzed
  • Diagnostic testing in the emergency department: We presented randomized scenarios regarding diagnostic testing to ED patients regarding cost, benefit and risk; Stage: data collected, analyzed, needs interpretation. 
  • Diagnostic testing using amazon m-Turk: We presented randomized scenarios regarding diagnostic testing to the general public recruited by amazon mechanical turk regarding cost, benefit and risk; Stage: data collected, analyzed, needs interpretation and manuscript preparation. 
  • Prehospital status epilepticus treatment with benzodiazepines from a national database
  • Neurologically focused questions from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey

Ronny Otero, MD
[email protected]
  • Evaluating patient outcomes in patients who have had a pre-hospital lactate measurement Evaluating triage nurse impressions of EKGs 

Alex Rogers, MD
[email protected]
  • Study of children with intestinal malabsorption and central lines who present to the Peds ED