Human Genetics Retreat

Save the upcoming department retreat dates! September 27-29, 2024 & September 26-28, 2025 at Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center, Roscommon, MI.

Retreat photo
Joel McManus, PhD
Joel McManus, PhD

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Co-Director of
MS Program in Computational Biology
Carnegie Mellon University

The Department of Human Genetics Fall Retreat is an annual event that brings together faculty, students, fellows, and staff together for a program of scientific discussion and social interactions. The events include poster sessions, talks by trainees and faculty, and a keynote address from an invited speaker who is a leader in the field of human genetics. The retreat is generally held in the Fall over a 2 day period at an off-campus site. During their free time, attendees have an opportunity to informally gather and engage in a variety of activities, including hiking, team sports, and bonfires.

The 2024 annual DHG fall retreat will be held September 27-29, 2024 near Roscommon, MI at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center. Dr. Joel McManus will be presenting "Unraveling the functions of mRNA transcript leaders - from yeast, to mice, to humans". Register your attendance by August 30, 2024.