HG 632

Experimental Genetic Systems

Fall Term - 1 credit

Mondays 1:00-2:15 PM
Location: 4917 Buhl

John Moran, Ph.D.

Course Description

The GTP trainees participate in this course in the Fall term. Active GTP faculty members present informal seminars (i.e., in the form a chalk talk presentation) about a research area in their laboratories to introduce GTP students to genetic strategies, research, and technologies used at the Michigan undergraduate and medical school campuses. The small group setting facilitates interaction and discussion among students and faculty. A recent, relevant publication (typically a review article) is distributed to the students one week prior to the class meeting to help them prepare for the discussion. A second faculty serves as a moderator to ensure an active discussion among the participants.

2023 Schedule

  • September 11: John Moran - “Introduction to the Genetics Training Program (GTP)”
  • September 18: Sundeep Kalantry - "On the Evolutionary Origins of Mammalian Dosage Compensation" (Moderator: Sally Camper)
  • September 25: Stephanie Moon - "Connections Between Translation Quality Control and Stress Granules" (Moderator: Gyorgyi Csankovszki)
  • October 2: Laura Buttitta - "Getting Into and Out of Gzero" (Moderator: Shigeki Iwase)
  • October 9: Tony Antonellis - "Defining the Molecular Mechanism of Dominant Neuropathies Associated with Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases" (Moderator: Andrew Tai)
  • October 16: UM Study Break - No Class
  • October 23: Agnieszka Lukaszewicz - "Aberrant DNA Repair at Meiotic Double-Strand Breaks" (Moderator: Alice Telesnitsky)
  • October 30: Lydia Freddolino - "Bacteria Have Chromatin Too! How Genome Structure Impacts Bacterial Gene Expression and Evolution” (Moderator: Mary O'Riordan)
  • November 6: Matthew Chapman - "The Genetics of Bacterial Amyloid Formation" (Moderator: Nicole Koropatkin)
  • November 13: Gideon Bradburd - "Incorporating Geography into Statistical Methods for Population Genetics" (Moderator: Hayley McLoughlin)
  • November 20: Jay Brito Querido - "Regulation of mRNA Translation by Expanded Short Tandem Repeats" (Moderator: Ryan Baldridge)
  • December 4: Liliana Cortes Ortiz - "Studying a Primate Hybrid Zone to Uncover Genomic Regions Associated with Reproductive Isolation and Adaptive Introgression" (Moderator: Jeff Kidd)


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