HG Research Seminar Series

The weekly seminar series showcases cutting-edge research on genetics and genomics by internal and external experts. Seminars are hosted by HG faculty members and Genetics Training Program (GTP). Seminars are open to the University Community. Subscribe to our google calendar for updated event information!

Winter 2024 Human Genetics Seminar Series

All seminars are on Mondays at 11 AM unless otherwise noted (*). Please note that all seminars are in person with no recording or zoom option.

Nadiya Khyzha – Faculty Recruit Seminar – BSRB ABC Seminar Rooms



*Xander Nuttle – Faculty Recruit Seminar – MS1 5330 Auditorium

Nadav Ahituv (University of California, San Francisco) – Hosted by Miriam Meisler – BSRB Auditorium

Bin Gu (MSU) – Hosted by Jacob Mueller – BSRB Auditorium

No HG Seminar (Spring Break)

*Bingjie Zhang – Faculty Recruit Seminar – MSII South Lecture Hall

Courtney Griffin (University of Oklahoma) – Hosted by Sundeep Kalantry – MSII North Lecture Hall

Carla McGruder (Color Health, Texas) – Hosted by Monica Marvin – BSRB Auditorium

Noelle Dwyer (University of Virginia) – Hosted by Stephanie Bielas – BSRB Auditorium

Danwei Huangfu (Sloan Kettering Institute) – Hosted by Sundeep Kalantry – BSRB Auditorium

Maria Ines Perez Millan (University of Buenos Aires) – Hosted by Sally Camper – BSRB Auditorium

Ashleigh Schaffer (Case Western Reserve University) – Hosted by Stephanie Bielas – MSII North Lecture Hall

Mashaal Sohail (UNAM Mexico) – Hosted by Xinjun Zhang – BSRB Auditorium

Marisa Bartolomei (University of Pennsylvania) – Hosted by Sue Hammoud – BSRB Auditorium

*Neel Lecture - Jenny Tung (Duke University) – Hosted by Xinjun Zhang – BSRB Auditorium/Seminar Rooms

Joseph Ryan (University of Michigan) – Hosted by Tony Antonellis – BSRB Auditorium


Amy Goldberg (Duke University) – Hosted by Xinjun Zhang – location tbd


Winter 2024 Human Genetics Training Program / CMB Short Course

All seminars are on Tuesdays at 3 PM unless otherwise noted (*). Please note that all seminars are in person with no recording or zoom option.

“As the Ribonucleotide Turns: How Cells Exert Control, Ride Out Genomic Instability, and Gain Immunity”

Lyle Simmons, Ph.D.
Professor Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology University of Michigan
Introductory Lecture:
“Genome Instability Caused by Persistent RNA-DNA Hybrid Formation”
January 30th (Tues), 3:00 PM
Med Sci 2 – West Lecture Hall

Francesca Storici, Ph.D. Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Education School of Biological Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
“RNA's Transformative Impact: Shaping DNA Metabolism in the Genome”
February 20th (Tues), 3:00 PM
Med Sci 2 – West Lecture Hall

Hai Dang Nguyen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacology
University of Minnesota
“Understanding and Targeting R-Loop Response Pathways in Cancers”
March 19th (Tues), 3:00 PM
Med Sci 2 – West Lecture Hall

Nicholas Ingolia, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of California, Berkeley
“Global Analysis of the Networks Controlling mRNA Translation and Decay”
April 2nd (Tues), 3:00 PM
Med Sci 1 - 3330 Auditorium

Wendy V. Gilbert, Ph.D. Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry School of Medicine
Yale University “Decoding the Untranslated to Engineer Next-Generation mRNA Medicines”
April 9th (Tues), 3:00 PM
Med Sci 2 – West Lecture Hall

For additional information, contact Ashley Andreae ([email protected]).
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Winter 2024 HG Seminar Series Schedule
Winter 2024 Genetics Training Program / CMB Short Course Schedule
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