The University of Michigan program is structured to provide students with individualized training that supports the development of comprehensive genetic counseling skills through early clinical involvement and strong didactic course work. The Michigan program is a two-year program composed of five consecutive semesters. Students enter in the fall and graduate 20 months later in April.

Our innovative course of study in the medical, scientific and counseling aspects of human genetics and genetic counseling supports the development of critical thinkers with integrated analytic and clinical skills. The curriculum consists of three main components:

  1. Clinical Training
  2. Course Work
  3. Research

Genetic counseling classroom work and clinical training are sequenced to provide an integrated approach to the development of clinical skills. In each academic semester, didactic and clinical training occur simultaneously and are complementary. This allows students to immediately begin applying the concepts they are discussing in their coursework to their clinical training. Students are also concurrently utilizing the classroom to begin working on advanced clinical skills.