Agnieszka Lucaszewicz, Ph.D.

Agnieszka Lukaszewicz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Human Genetics

Published Articles or Reviews

  1. Lukaszewicz, A., Lange, J., Keeney, S., and Jasin, M. (2021) De novo deletions and duplications at recombination hotspots in mouse germlines. Cell 184, 5970-5984 e5918.
  2. Lukaszewicz, A., Lange, J., Keeney, S., and Jasin M. (2018) Control of meiotic double-strand-break formation by ATM: local and global views. Cell Cycle 17, 1155-1172.
  3. Lukaszewicz, A., Shodhan, A., and Loidl, J. (2015) Exo1 and Mre11 execute meiotic DSB end resection in the protist Tetrahymena. DNA Repair 35, 137-143.
  4. Lukaszewicz, A., Howard-Till, R.A., and Loidl, J. (2013) Mus81 nuclease and Sgs1 helicase are essential for meiotic recombination in a protist lacking a synaptonemal complex. Nucleic Acids Res 41, 9296-9309.
  5. Lukaszewicz, A., Howard-Till, R.A., Novatchkova, M., Mochizuki, K., and Loidl, J. (2010) MRE11 and COM1/SAE2 are required for double-strand break repair and efficient chromosome pairing during meiosis of the protist Tetrahymena. Chromosoma 119, 505-518.

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