Michael Hortsch

Michael Hortsch, PhD

Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
Professor of Learning Health Sciences

3742 Med. Sci II Building

734 647-2720

Areas of Interest

Research and scholarly interests: Modern technologies play an increasingly important role in teaching the biomedical sciences to today’s students. However, are these new technologies really effective in educating tomorrow’s scientists and health care professionals.

My research program investigates how electronic resources are used by students and what impact they have on students’ learning success. I am also developing effective new electronic teaching tools. My most popular learning resource is a series of mobile applications called SecondLook™ (http://secondlook.med.umich.edu), which helps students to evaluate their proficiency before taking examinations. The SecondLook™ resources allow students to use their study time more effectively as they direct learning efforts towards gaps in their knowledge. I am not only a teacher and educator, but I am also always a learner. Therefore, when I am not at work, I love to read, travel, work with my hands and brain, and talk with people, simply experiencing and learning new things.

Subject-matter expertise: Cell Biology, Histology, e-Learning

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