Strategic Plan and DEI

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The DLHS Strategic Plan

As a result of a robust, collaborative planning process DLHS completed its first departmental strategic plan in 2017.  It identified the following five goals to guide our work for the next five years (2018-2023):

  1. Promote targeted growth and expansion of DLHS research.
  2. Achieve sustainability of the department's educational programs.
  3. Advance DLHS faculty and staff as leaders and innovators, in a department unique in the nation for its mission and research expertise. 
  4. Continue to develop and refine the department's identity as a basic science department.
  5. Promote diversity, equity and inclusion within DLHS.

While these goals are presented in numeric order, all five goals are of high and equal importance to the success of DLHS. To learn more about goals for DLHS, read the DLHS Executive Summary and Strategic Plan Narrative

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Our Mission

We aspire to foster an inclusive, equitable, diverse, and welcoming environment where all of our faculty, staff, and learners feel valued, and are supported and able to thrive in their research, work, and/or studies.

Our Approach

The Department annually updates its Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which was initially developed by the DLHS DEI Committee, with input from leadership, faculty, staff, and students. Key priority areas include Education, Community Building, Infrastructure, and Assessment. 

Our Leadership

Cheryl A. Moyer, PhD, MPH, Associate Chair for DEI ([email protected])
Maria Flores, Staff Lead for DEI ([email protected]

DLHS’ DEI Committee Members

Amy Kilbourne, Anne L Murphy, Diana Hall, Elliott Brannon, Gretchen A Piatt, Jennifer D Hoy, Katherine Kloss, Lisa Ferguson, Liz Rodriguiz, Michelle Williams, Niles N Mayrand, Peter L Boisvert, Vitaliy Popov, Zachary Landis-Lewis