2019 - 2020 LHS Collaboratory Archive

July 29, 2020: LHS/COVID-19 Webinar - International Collaboration to Realize a Global LHS for COVID-19: Lessons from Italy, Spain, and the United States

Charles P. Friedman, Chair, of the Department of Learning Health Sciences, Josiah Macy Jr. Professor of Medical Education at the University of Michigan Medical School, as well as Professor of Information and Public Health; 
Pablo Rivero, Senior Health and Public Sector Advisor for Everis / NTT Data, Member of the Digital Health Roster of Experts, World Health Organization

COVID-19 in Italian Nursing Homes: A Tragic Past and a Promising Future
Paolo Stocco, Executive Board Member, EuroHealthNet, a not-for- profit partnership of organizations, agencies and statutory bodies working on public health, disease prevention, promoting health, and reducing inequalities

A Globally Applicable Data-Driven Systems Approach to COVID-19

Francisco Ros, President, First-Tech Engineering, former Qualcomm Board Member, and former Secretary of State for Telecommunication and the Information Society in the government of Spain

Global Standards as an Essential Foundation for a Systems Approach
Rebecca Kush, Chief Scientific Officer for Elligo Health Research, President of Catalysis Research, Fellow for Japan’s TRI (Translational Research Center for Medical Innovation), Founder and President Emeritus of CDISC

The Comprehensive, Innovative Approach of Asturias, Spain
Borja Sanchez Garcia, Minister of Science, Innovation and University of the Asturias Principality government, Senior Researcher at the Dairy Research Institute, Scientific Founder of Microviable Therapeutics SL

Patient Perspectives and the Role of Telemedicine
Esther Gil Zorzo, President of Educatec Foundation, Diabetes Coordinator in HM Hospitals, Former President of the FEAED (National Federation for Diabetes Educators) and Member of the Executive Committee of the FEND (Federation European Nurses Diabetes)

Public Health Preparedness and Learning Health Systems
Joshua C. Rubin, Program Officer for Learning Health System Initiatives at the Department of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School

Prospects for the Future
Douglas Van Houweling, Professor Emeritus of Information, School of Information and Professor Emeritus in Service of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School

June 2, 2020: Learning Health Systems in the Time of COVID-19 


Speakers: Charles P. Friedman, PhD, Karandeep Singh, MD, MMSc, Allen Flynn, PhD, PharmD, Anne Sales, PhD, RN, and  Jody Platt, MPH, PhD 

March 24, 2020: Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge at Michigan Medicine



Speakers: Michael Lanham, MD, and Karandeep Singh, MD, MMSc

February 25, 2020: Value Proposition of Learning Health Systems

January 30, 2020: Applications of AI/Machine Learning in Gastroenterology

December 12, 2019: Holiday Luncheon

October 29, 2019: Meeting the Data Need of the Learning Health System 

September 26, 2019: Fall 2019-2020 LHS Collaboratory Kick-Off: The year of LHS Implementation and Acceleration