Lauren Hein headshot

Lauren Hein

Precision Health Program Certificate Student
Medical School PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences Cancer Biology Candidate


Lauren Hein is a PhD candidate in the Cancer Biology Graduate Program in Dr. Carole Parent’s lab.  Her PhD research focuses on understanding the effects of neutrophils—a type of immune cell—on tumor progression.  She first became interested in precision health when she learned that her grandfather, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had the BRCA2 mutation.  He was then treated with drugs based on this mutation.  The concept of treating cancer patients by using the tumor’s specific genetic makeup was fascinating to her.  She is excited to broaden her knowledge of the precision health field by attending the courses and seminars and learning from faculty of the Precision Health Certificate Program.  She is also looking forward to learning more about the social and educational aspects of precision health because she is passionate about patients understanding the care they are receiving.