Headshot of Joey Sciuto

Joey Sciuto

Social Work Intern


Joey Sciuto is originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but grew up in a small Amish town called New Wilmington PA. He spent most of his time in high school convinced he was going to be a music education major. However, he have since learned that the social work profession chooses you and there is no escaping it. Fortunately for him, Slippery Rock University, which was about an hour from his high school, has a BSW program. During his time at Slippery Rock he studied Social Work and Communications with focuses in Mental Health, Interpersonal Communications, and Communication Theory.

One of the most attractive qualities of the U-M School of Social Work is the ability to choose a secondary pathway. While his primary pathway is Interpersonal Practice, he decided to choose Program Evaluation and Applied Research as a secondary area of study. He is feeling a pull toward the intersection of clinical practice and research, and is so excited to begin working alongside everyone at the Heinz C. Prechter Bipolar Research Program.