Evaluating Health Reform

Faculty Lead: Dr. Andrew M. Ryan, PhD

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The Center for Evaluating Health Reform (CEHR) aims to advance our knowledge of health system reform through improving the process of academic research.  Recent projects include evaluating hospital value-based purchasing design and hospital readmissions reductions programs. More broadly, the center strives to improve the quality of healthcare in the US by both identifying the incentive systems and practices that reduce quality of care, and identifying new models of quality improvement. 

In addition to assessing healthcare reform, CEHR is also interested in team innovation and processes. CEHR believes that research papers and grant proposals can be done more effectively and efficiently by leveraging innovative team processes such as the "Sprint" method. For grant proposals, the research team meets over two consecutive days for a focused development of the proposal narrative. Paper sprints, like grant sprints, are focused meetings during which sections of a research paper are written concurrently by multiple members of a research team. Paper sprints start with a focused planning session and followed by a writing session when data analysis is complete.