University of Michigan Student-Run Free Clinic (UMSRFC)


The U-M Student-Run Free Clinic is located about 25 miles northwest of Ann Arbor, in Pinckney, Michigan.

As one of only two safety net clinics in Livingston County, the UMSRFC provides essential medical care of the highest quality, free of charge, to uninsured individuals in the surrounding areas. The clinic offers student volunteers many opportunities to confront health disparities through direct action.

Every Saturday, under the guidance of UMMS physicians, three clinical and three pre-clinical medical students pair up to see patients at the clinic. The clinical students mentor and guide the pre-clinical students, helping them to learn how to take a focused history, do a physical exam and present the case to the physicians.

Additionally, for those who would like to become more active in the organization, the UMSRFC offers numerous ways to get hands-on experience in the administrative side of medicine. Student coordinators are responsible for scheduling patients, managing the flow of the clinic, following up on lab and radiology results, connecting patients with additional social services, and much more. The UMSRFC gives students a true sense of all the moving parts that must be aligned to create a well-run clinic, the issues facing the uninsured and the importance of caring for all in our communities.

Med Student Liz Joyce shares more about the UMSRFC in this video.