Medical Students of Middle-Eastern Descent (MSMD)


The primary mission of Medical Students of Middle-Eastern Descent is to serve the Middle-Eastern population both in this country and in the Middle East.

Founded in 2004 by three first-year medical students, MSMD has become an established, recognized student organization in the UMMS, Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan communities. The group has three main goals:

·      To raise awareness of Middle-Eastern health among the medical community.

·      To increase medical access for Middle-Easterners living in the United States and the Middle East.

·      To increase the opportunities in the medical field for students of Middle-Eastern Descent.

In addition, MSMD is also affiliated with the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA), a national organization with a similar mission, serving both Arab and Arab-American communities. MSMD provides opportunities for service, medical education, health screenings and mentorship.