April 06, 2022

Michigan Medicine to continue virtual interviewing for medical students, residents and fellows in 2022-23

What started as a way for prospective learners to remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into virtual programs that provide well-being, other benefits to candidates

A woman participating in a virtual interview

After two years of very successful virtual undergraduate medical education (UME) and graduate medical education (GME) recruitment, Michigan Medicine has announced it will continue this approach for both programs in 2022-23.

What started as a way for prospective medical students, residents and fellows to remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved into virtual programs that provide well-being and other benefits to candidates, and also align with the institution’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Those looking to attend the U-M Medical School, or continue their training at Michigan Medicine, enjoy significant cost savings and can also attend to their family and work commitments. The lack of travel also reduces the carbon footprint, with less energy spent on travel, lodging, etc. 

“What started as a necessity for our future medical students has transformed into a program that really benefits these candidates,” says Steven E. Gay, M.D., M.S., interim associate dean for medical student education. “We can continue to showcase a Michigan medical education, while offering them cost relief and greater flexibility.”

Both recruitment programs have created robust communications materials that showcase Michigan Medicine and Ann Arbor. Videos, websites, printed materials and opportunities to connect with U-M faculty, staff and learners through social media and virtual events offer candidates a view of the organization and the community that help them decide if Michigan Medicine could be the right fit for them.

“Thanks to our prospective residents and fellows, who have shown great patience and willingness to adapt to a new way of interviewing, we have been able to create something that will continue to benefit all,” says J. Sybil Biermann, M.D., associate dean for graduate medical education. “We look forward to further developing our virtual programs in this new recruitment cycle, with the goal of making it an even better experience for all.”