February 15, 2018

Medical School professor member of team awarded first interprofessional exchange (IP-X) grant

Caroline R. Richardson, M.D., part of five-member team that will focus on interprofessional diet and lifestyle approaches for patients with co-occurring obesity, diabetes, and hypertension

Recipients of first-ever Early Implementation Grant in U-M’s groundbreaking Interprofessional Exchange (IP-X) Research Stimulus program

After months of scientific review and deliberation, the health science deans at the University of Michigan have selected the faculty team to be awarded the first-ever Early Implementation Grant (for up to $250,000) in U-M’s groundbreaking Interprofessional Exchange (IP-X) Research Stimulus program.

“Stemming a Public Health Crisis: Using an Interprofessional Approach to Compare the Effectiveness of Two Different Diet and Lifestyle Interventions for Adults with Overweight or Obesity, Hypertension, and Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes” has been selected for the funding award.

The project’s principal investigator is Laura R. Saslow, Ph.D., assistant professor at the School of Nursing. Her interprofessional team of U-M co-investigators includes Lenette M. Jones, Ph.D. (School of Nursing), Heidi L. Diez, PharmD (College of Pharmacy), Julia A. Wolfson, Ph.D. (School of Public Health) and Caroline R. Richardson, M.D. (Medical School). Richardson is the Dr. Max and Buena Lichter Research Professor of Family Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine.

The U-M Interprofessional Exchange Research Stimulus grants support investigations focused on the health outcomes and value of interprofessional exchange in health care and service, policy, and more. The funding for IP-X Research Stimulus grants comes from the seven health science deans on U-M’s Ann Arbor campus (together comprising the Health Sciences Council) and the U-M Office of the Provost.

All the teams applying for the IP-X grants must include investigators from at least three U-M health science schools.