July 20, 2017

AMA Wire: Teaching the leadership skills tomorrow’s physicians will need

In discussing the importance of creating tomorrow’s leaders in medical education, Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, M.D., said physicians should be agents of change in medicine

Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, M.D.

It is critical to equip physicians-in-training with the skills to lead so they can succeed in all practice environments, said an expert panel at a recent education session.

“Leadership is for everyone who graduates,” said Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, M.D., associate dean for medical student education at the University of Michigan Medical School. “Everyone can have those capabilities. We are not talking about titles and roles. We are talking about a way of being with other people and a way of enacting change. I think that’s what we want for every physician graduate in this country.”

Dr. Mangrulkar was among seven experts participating in an American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Medical Education panel discussion at the 2017 AMA Annual Meeting. Presentations detailed leadership education techniques across the continuum of medical education as well as models of leadership development and interprofessional development.