February 04, 2016

2015 Dean’s Awards honoree: Masada (Musty) Habhab

For the past five years, she has served the Medical School’s largest department — working with 750 faculty in 12 subspecialities, from allergy and immunology, to rheumatology

Dean's Awards
Masada (Musty) Habhab
Masada (Musty) Habhab

In 1986, the University Hospital came online. At the same time, a junior accountant joined the hospital’s finance team. Since then, the hospital has grown to serve hundreds of thousands from around the world, and the once-junior accountant has become the lead administrator for the largest department in the Medical School.

Masada (Musty) Habhab, appointed the chief administrator for the Department of Internal Medicine in 2010, is credited with using her considerable financial acumen and strong managerial skills to guide a department with 750 faculty members in 12 subspecialties — from allergy and immunology to rheumatology.

“I’ve had so many wonderful experiences here — I love my job, and the people I work with,” Habhab says. “I work with faculty and staff who are extremely dedicated and committed to the Department of Internal Medicine and the Health System. I really enjoy helping others and this position gives me the opportunity to help our faculty, staff, and patients in countless ways.”

Habhab received the 2015 Administrator of the Year Award on Nov. 4 at the annual Faculty and Staff Awards Dinner: