July 28, 2023

13 U-M graduate medical education programs ranked in the top 10 by Doximity

The system is based upon compiling current resident and recent alumni satisfaction rates, as well as reputation data and objective data

Doximity Residency Navigator rankings

The Doximity Residency Navigator results are in for 2023-24 and 13 of the University of Michigan Medical School’s residency programs are in the top 10. A total of 21 residency programs follow, with rankings in the top 20.

Nationally, Surgery ranks No. 1 out of 360 residency programs, while Otolaryngology ranks No. 2 out of 130 residency programs and Urology ranks No. 3 out of 150 residency programs.

The other top-10 residency programs at the U-M Medical School include Anesthesiology (8), Internal Medicine (7), Med-Peds (4), Neurology (9), Obstetrics and Gynecology (10), Ophthalmology (9), Pathology (Clinical) (4), Plastic Surgery (4), Radiation Oncology (8) and Radiology (10).

“We are excited that the Doximity rankings reflect the high quality of our graduate medical education programs,” said J. Sybil Biermann, M.D., associate dean for graduate medical education at the U-M Medical School. “Our residency programs are highly ranked with more than half placing in the top ten in the U.S. This reaffirms that they are unquestionably among the best in the nation.”

Child Neurology (19), Dermatology (13) Emergency Medicine (13), Family Medicine (17), Neurological Surgery (11), Nuclear Medicine (11), Pediatrics (17), Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (16) and Psychiatry (23) all ranked in the top 25.

Doximity’s Residency Navigator is a tool that assists medical students with making informed residency-related decisions. It also offers transparency to applicants throughout the residency match process. Its system is based upon compiling current resident and recent alumni satisfaction rates, as well as reputation data and objective data.

Satisfaction data is derived from satisfaction survey responses from each residency’s current residents and recent graduates, while reputation data is derived from nomination survey responses. This portion is limited to board-certified physicians in that specialty and is alumni weighted. Objective data is compiled from a variety of public sources, including the Doximity database, which covers all U.S. physicians.

Doximity is the largest online professional network for physicians in the U.S. Its comprehensive physician database includes every physician in the country as identified by their National Provider Identifier number.

For more information about the residency programs at U-M Medical School, visit medicine.umich.edu/medschool/education/residency-fellowship.

To learn more about Doximity’s Residency Navigator results, visit doximity.com/residency/.