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Appointing Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Fellows are to be appointed as Research Fellows. This is a time-limited position, which includes benefits and is renewed on a yearly basis, not to exceed 5 years. Stipend/salary levels are generally based on NIH guidelines, though this is not required. Stipends and/or salaries and the associated benefit costs may be supported by research grants, training grants, fellowships or discretionary funds.

Once a candidate has been selected, the faculty member will work with the department HR administrator regarding an appropriate salary for the fellow. An official offer letter is then sent to the candidate (see "Sample Offer Letter," above), which has been signed by the faculty supervisor. Other pertinent information should accompany the offer letter.

Appointing a Visiting Scholar

Visiting Scholar status is reserved for scholars who are invited to pursue a program of research during a limited term of residence. Current faculty, staff and students of the University of Michigan are not eligible for this status.

Effective May 1, 2012, applications for Visiting Scholar status must be submitted through Academic Human Resources.

Visiting Scholars must be sponsored by an academic unit of the University. Only the sponsoring academic unit may initiate the application for Visiting Scholar status. The sponsoring University department remains the primary contact for the Visiting Scholar and is responsible for administering the relationship throughout the duration of Visiting Scholar status. Please review Academic HR's Visiting Scholar Application Process.

Please note: Rackham Graduate School continues to administer programs for Visiting Research Graduate Students.

For other questions regarding the Visiting Scholar status at the University of Michigan, please contact Academic Human Resources at (734) 763-8938 or [email protected].