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Residency & Career Development

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Our Career Development program supports medical students with the information, resources and experiences needed to make excellent career decisions.

Students can go to their Office of Medical Student Education counselors, faculty advisors and the Assistant Dean for Student Services for advice and support anytime. Career development is an active process that spans all four years of med school. Our program helps you get started early so you can be on track to achieve the residency position you want in your desired specialty.

Scientific and Clinical Trunks:
Self-assessment and career exploration are essential first steps.

Recommendations include:

  • Making a career development counseling appointment with your Student Services Counselor.

  • Reviewing the AAMC Careers in Medicine website, including the self-assessment tools.

  • Attending sessions in the Career Seminar Series, one-hour lunch seminars that introduce students to the medical disciplines. You'll hear talks and participate in Q&A with department chairs, faculty, community physicians and resident physicians.

  • Arranging a mentoring or shadowing experience with clinical faculty.

  • Looking for a medical student interest group in the areas you're interested in.

Professional Development Branches:
Focused structure of the Branches and Faculty Career Advisors guide you through to your final career decision and residency application process.

Recommendations include:

  • Meeting your Faculty Career Advisor midway through the clinical trunk.

  • Gathering letters of recommendation.

  • Working with OSME for logistical support through the residency application and Match process.

  • Attending advice sessions on the residency match process, including preparation of personal statements, mock interview practice with faculty and creating your residency rank list.

Students rejoice on Match Day

Match Day

Our students start preparing for residency match during the professional development Branches. By this time they've learned all their foundational clinical material and have rotated through all of the core specialties. Since our Branches start in the fall of the third year of medical school, students have opportunities for career exploration significantly earlier than our peer institutions.

The professional development Branches provide advanced clinical experiences, 150+ electives and individualized learning plans so you will be well prepared to enter your chosen specialty on day one of residency.