Your built-in network starts in med school

Our Michigan Medical School alumni can always be found at the forefront of their chosen fields here, and at medical institutions across the country and around the world. For the past 10 years, our program has had one of the highest percentages of any medical school for graduates who go on to hold faculty positions in their academic careers. They are an active and vital part of the med student experience, providing guidance and support to our next generation of physician leaders:

  • Conversations with Leadership: throughout the year, notable University of Michigan Medical School alumni return to campus as featured guests of our Conversations with Leadership series. Alumni share their experiences and expertise, followed by a Q & A with students. Some speaker events are co-sponsored with student groups like NextGen Med.
  • Career Dinners
  • HOST program for M4 residency interviews
  • Medical Student Senior Awards

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Medicine at Michigan is published three times a year by the Medical School's Office of Medical Development and Alumni Relations, and includes reports on research activities, educational initiatives and patient care services of Michigan Medicine, as well as on news of note regarding alumni, faculty and students.