Equity in Global & Domestic Health

Closing the Gap

Improve health and access to care for people who are underserved in our community and around the world.

Children in class

You can be the change through formal educational programs, faculty-led research projects and clinical electives that take place in more than 20 countries on six continents.

Our students actively learn about the relationship between medicine and the social determinants of health through rotations and electives. Student action groups and volunteer service opportunities build clinical skills and put system reform into practice.

Our faculty are equally as passionate about this mission. They thrive on the energy and enthusiasm of students as they continue to expand their own understanding of health equity issues.

Team of care providers on an international trip

Make an Impact

  • Global REACH Program. Get connected to research projects or clinical electives abroad.
  • Global Health & Disparities Path of Excellence. Dive deep into how medicine plays a role in international and local settings that have the most need and the least access to resources.
  • U-M Student Run Free Clinic. Learn how to care for the uninsured and understand the administrative and business side of medicine in this weekly clinic managed by student volunteers with faculty supervision.
  • Dual Degrees. Earn an additional degree with specialized training offered through several top-ranked professional schools on campus, including the U-M School of Public Health and the Gerald Ford School of Public Policy.

One of our central goals is that each future physician improves access and health care for underserved and vulnerable patients and populations in their everyday work, whether it be academic medicine, teaching, research, or community practice.

Brent Williams, MD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Co-Director of the Global Health & Disparities Path of Excellence

University of Michigan Student-Run Free Clinic

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