Mentoring & Advising

Expert Guidance

The Michigan MSTP is designed around the success and fulfillment of each of our fellows. We mentor and advise fellows through every stage of the program so that everyone can achieve their highest potential.

As an MSTP fellow, you can expect a high level of support from a team of caring faculty and staff:

  • Each Michigan MSTP fellow has a Research Rotation Advisory Committee made up of three faculty members specifically selected based on the fellow’s individual needs and goals. This committee provides insight and input in the selection of research mentors.
  • M4 Peer Advisors help fellows who are completing their dissertations and beginning to plan the transition back into the clinical phase of the MSTP.
  • A Career Advisory Panel consisting of about 130 University of Michigan M.D./Ph.D. faculty provides career guidance and counseling.
  • Each fellow meets regularly 1-on-1 with the MSTP Director or one of the Associate Directors to assess their progress and assist with any concerns or specific issues.

Michigan MSTP graduates are highly regarded and desired, and are accepted into outstanding residency programs. Most graduates develop disease-oriented, basic science-focused careers in academic medicine, typically in clinical departments, with clinical medicine occupying a minor fraction of their time.