Faculty Profiles

Advancing Medicine at Michigan

Our Medical School faculty work daily in our clinics, research laboratories and classrooms to fulfill our tripartite mission. All of them play an integral role in advancing medicine at Michigan, and all have different reasons for coming to Michigan and choosing their current path.

In an effort to share their stories, we are compiling this growing repository of faculty profiles. In addition to learning about their positions in the U-M Health System, you also can read what they enjoy most about their work, who has had the greatest influence on their careers, and how their work impacts healthcare.

We hope you enjoy reading about our faculty and their interests, both at work and away from campus. It is a group with incredible breadth and depth of expertise and interests. In an effort to add more profiles to this section, we would like to hear from you about faculty who have unique hobbies or interests outside of the U-M.

To submit the name of a faculty member to profile, please contact [email protected].