Neurourology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery Division

The Division of Neurourology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery actively participates in numerous public- and privately-funded research efforts that seek to develop new, and more effective, treatments for patients and their families — while also helping to ensure that the U-M Department of Urology remains at the forefront of innovation and understanding related to urologic conditions.

NIH-Funded Projects

  • Symptoms of Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction Research Network (LURN). This is another multi-site research network funded by the NIDDK. We are one of six research institutions that have been awarded funding by LURN to develop comprehensive patient-reported outcome measures, and to conduct phenotyping studies of patients with lower urinary tract dysfunction, in order to develop a better mechanistic understanding of urinary symptoms.

Industry-Sponsored Projects

Our division participates in numerous industry-sponsored studies related to incontinence and voiding dysfunction. Current projects include participating in the Medtronic registry for sacral neuromodulation, and a study of urethral injection outcomes.

Department of Urology-Funded Projects

We have many ongoing projects that utilize data generated from our busy clinical practices within the Department of Urology. Just a few examples include developing a neurogenic bladder database, conducting a study of outcomes following sacral neuromodulation and botulinum toxin therapies, and performing complex analyses of urodynamic findings.