Medical Students

Prior to pursuing a residency, the Department of Urology provides medical students with the University of Michigan Medical School with a wide range of opportunities intended to round out their medical education. These unique opportunities, paired with the strength of Urology faculty and the international acclaim for the Urology Residency Program, make the Department of Urology worthy of consideration for current medical students.

Learning Opportunities

Medical students interested in the field of Urology have the opportunity to participate in a four week Urology sub-internship. With options to learn in either adult or pediatric urology settings, medical students can learn about a wide range of urologic conditions and clinic life. Students also participate in lectures, Grand Rounds and self-directed study.

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A Commitment to Collaboration

Department of Urology faculty members play prominent roles in the Medical School faculty. This includes faculty representation on the prominent American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), a collection of the world’s most accomplished scholars, scientists, writers, artists, and civic, corporate and philanthropic leaders. Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan, a Urology professor, was inducted into the AAAS in 2014 and serves as an example of the notable contributions made by Urology faculty to the U-M Medical School. Medical School opportunities with the Department of Urology provide students with diverse research and clinical experiences. This diversity is accomplished through collaboration, a staple within the field of urology and the practice of the UMHS Department of Urology.

This is exemplified by Dr. John Wei, a Urology professor and the Department of Urology’s Associate Chair for Faculty Affairs and Marketing. In 2013, Dr. Wei was honored by the Medical School with a Clinical and Health Services Research Award for embracing a spirit of collaboration “that permeates the University of Michigan.” Dr. Wei helped to build the Dow Division of Health Services Research within the Department of Urology, considered by many to be the leading urological health services research group in the world.

These distinctive clinical and research opportunities with the Department of Urology allow U-M Medical School students to give their personal medical educations a unique wrinkle.

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