Program Manager

Susan Linsell

Administrative Officer
Susan Linsell is the MUSIC Administrative Officer with a background in Industrial Engineering and Health Services Administration and is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified.
She plans and directs the administrative, operational, and strategic aspects of the collaborative.

Anna Johnson

Program Manager
Anna Johnson is the MUSIC Program Manager, providing oversight of all program quality improvement activities and analytic work.
Anna also serves as the project manager for Prostate MRI/Fusion Biopsy and prostate-related clinical trials, GMINOR and GMAJOR.


Becki Avedisian

Data Abstractor
Becki is the Data Abstractor for the MUSIC Coordinating Center. She spearheads local data abstraction and registry maintenance. Becki also aids in the coordination of quality improvement projects.

Sabrina Clark

SOUL Study Coordinator
Sabrina serves as the study coordinator for the Stent Omission after Ureteroscopy and Lithotripsy (SOUL) Clinical Trial. She assists with day-to-day operations of the trial and consenting patients.

Stephanie Daignault-Newton

Statistician Expert
Stephanie is a senior biostatistician who supports the global Dept of Urology research and the MUSIC team. She specializes in clinical trials with a long history in cancer research collaborations.

Corinne Labardee

Prostate Project Manager
Corinne Labardee oversees the various prostate-related initiatives. She also ensures the quality of the data in the MUSIC registry and local implementation of quality improvement initiatives.
She personally manages projects such as askMUSIC, MAESTRO, pain-control optimization, and Movember projects including GAP3 and TrueNTH Global Registry.

Rabia Martin

MUSIC Database Coordinator
Rabia Martin is the Database Coordinator for MUSIC and also coordinates ongoing research studies in the Department of Urology at Michigan Medicine.

Mahin Mirza, MPH

KIDNEY Project Manager
Mahin Mirza serves as the KIDNEY Project Manager. Mahin oversees the entire portfolio of KIDNEY-related quality improvement activities.
She also directly managing prostate-related initiatives including prostate Active Surveillance and Radical Prostatectomy video review, and the ROCKS Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) program.

Sabir Meah

Statistician Intermediate
Sabir joined Urology in 2023. He works as a part of the MUSIC team, focusing on quality improvement, academic, and operational projects relating to prostate cancer and kidney stone care.

Jerison Ross

ROCKS Project Manager
Jerison manages various ROCKS (kidney stone)-related quality improvement and clinical trials while also monitoring the quality of the data in the MUSIC registry.
Jerison also assists with local implementation of quality improvement activities.

Elaina Shoemaker

SOUL Project Manager
Elaina serves as the Stent Omission for Ureteroscopy and Lithotripsy (SOUL) Project Manager.
She oversees all aspects of the randomized controlled multi-center study of stent omission for patients after uncomplicated ureteroscopy for the treatment of kidney stones.

Monica Van Til

Statistician Intermediate
Monica is a Statistician for MUSIC. She provides analytic support on quality improvement, academic, and operational projects, with a primary focus on the KIDNEY program.

Katie Waters

Administrative Specialist
Katie assists with day-to-day operations, event planning, and data entry. She manages MUSIC's social media platforms and website and aids in the coordination of quality improvement projects.