Events and Activities

HSR Weekly Seminar

Led by Drs. Giulia Lane and Courtney Streur, this weekly meeting brings Dow Division members and guests together to develop our own work including works in progress, presentations, manuscripts and grants with rich feedback and discussion from our peers. Additionally, we use this time to add breadth and depth to our expertise with visiting professors, journal clubs and methodologic lecture series. For information regarding schedule or interest in attending or presenting, please contact Joy Kaopuiki at [email protected].

HSR Annual Retreat

The Dow HSR Annual Retreat brings together University of Michigan Urologists to discuss issues facing the field, build camaraderie and emphasize the importance of teamwork. See below for video of this year's Team Building Activity.

Ann Arbor HSR Symposium

2020 - Fit for Purpose (Postponed due to COVID-19)

2018 – Data for Change: Translating Research to Impact

2016 – Defining Excellence: Performance Measurement in Healthcare

2014 - Advances in Big Data

2012 - Health Services Research in Urology

Other Events

For a description of all Department of Urology events, please visit the Department of Urology events website: