September 14, 2022

3D Prototype & Fabrication Service

The Radiaiton Oncology 3D Core Lab is accelerating the development and manufacture of patient-optimized treatment devices and custom components for basic and translational research.

3D core lab spinning logo

Our in-house 3D device design and manufacturing service is driving innovation in the clinic and laboratories. While digital 3D modeling accelerates prototype development, stereolithographic (SLA) printing with medically-approved resins produces high-quality, patient-specific devices on-demand.

  • Medical procedures (brachytherapy applicators, boluses, lung blocks, etc..)
  • Quality assessment tools (phantoms, ISO limits, etc..)
  • Specialty laboratory apparatus

Each component is manufactured with resins optimized for its specific application. With rapid 3D prototyping, the path from inspiration to application has never been shorter!

For inquiries, contact Steven Kronenberg or visit the Radiation Oncology 3D Core Lab online.