Charlie Matrosic

Charles K Matrosic, PhD

Assistant Professor

Administrative Contact

Areas of Interest

  • Function-guided lung treatment planning
  • Knowledge-based treatment planning
  • Advanced treatment planning techniques and methods
  • Novel methods of intrafraction image guidance


  • PhD in Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, 2019
  • Medical Physics Residency, University of Michigan, Department of Radiation Oncology, 2021

Published Articles or Reviews

Selected From 9 Publications

  • Matrosic C, Owen D R, Polan D, Sun Y, Jolly S, Schonewolf C, Schipper M, Ten Haken R, Galban C, Matuszak M: Feasibility of Function-Guided Lung Treatment Planning with Parametric Response Mapping. J Appl Clin Med Phys 22(11):80-89, 2021. PM 34697884/PMC8598143
  • Bednarz B, Jupitz S, Lee W, Mills D, Chan H, Fiorillo T, Sabitini J, Shoudy D, Patel A, Mitra J, Sarcar S, Wang B, Shepard A, Matrosic C, Holmes J, Culberson W, Bassetti M, Hill P, McMillan A, Zagzebski J, Smith L S, Foo T K: First-in-human Imaging Using a MR-compatible e4D Ultrasound Probe for Motion Management Radiotherapy. Physica Medica 88:104-110, 2021. PM 34218199
  • Matrosic C, Culberson W, Shepard A, Jupitz S, Bednarz B: 3D Dosimetric Validation of Ultrasound-Guided Radiotherapy with a Dynamically Deformable Abdominal Phantom. Physica Medica 84:159-167, 2021. PM33901860
  • Huang J, Lawless M, Matrosic C, Di Maso L, Miller J: Evaluation of a commercial deformable image registration algorithm for dual-energy CT processing. J Appl Clin Med Phys 21(9): 227-234, 2020. PM 32710502/PMC7497912
  • Matrosic C, Hull J, Palmer B, Culberson W, Bednarz B: Deformable abdominal phantom for the validation of real-time image guidance and deformable dose accumulation. J Appl Clin Med Phys 20(8): 122-133, 2019. PM31355997/PMC6698755
  • Matuszak M, Matrosic C, Jarema D, McShan D, Stenmark M, Owen D, Jolly S, Kong F, Ten Haken R: Priority-driven plan optimization in locally advanced lung patients based on perfusion SPECT imaging. Adv Radiat Oncol 1(4): 281-289, 2016. PM28740898/PMC5514230