Resident Accomplishments

Our residents success extends from the clinical expertise into research awards at international and national conferences as well prominent leadership positions.

Administrative Roles


House Officer Association

  • Michelle Shnayder, President
  • Joshua Breeden, Representative

University of Michigan Medical Liability Review Committee

  • Casey Branach

House Officer Quality and Safety Committee

  • Casey Branach
  • Sonia Gaur

Michigan Medicine Office of Workplace Resilience (Resident Peer Supporter)

  • Sonia Gaur

Radiology DEI Committee

  • Rudra Pampati, Pipeline Team
  • David Smith, Steering Committee
  • Kyle Wilson, Steering Committee

Radiology Wellness Committee

  • Brianna Oliver, Working Group
  • Sonia Gaur, Radiology Peer Supporter
  • Nathan Kafity, Radiology Peer Supporter
  • Adish Parikh, Radiology Peer Supporter

Women in Radiology Steering Committee

  • Danielle Bly
  • Casey Branach
  • Emily Middlebrook
  • Brianna Oliver
  • Michelle Shnayder-Adams


Michigan Radiology Political Action Committee (MRPAC)

  • Michael Hicks, Resident Representative

Michigan Radiological Society (MRS):

  • Michelle Shnayder-Adams, President, Centennial Volunteer
  • David Smith, Immediate Past President

Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS)

  • Gunjan Malhotra, Board of Directors Member, Resident Fellow Section Seat


RadioGraphics Peer Review Mentoring Program – John Millet (2018)

American Medical Association (AMA), Resident-Fellow Section Delegate on behalf of ACR – Gunjan Malhotra

Introduction to Academic Radiology - Omar Khan (2017), Ryne Dougherty (2018), David Smith (2019), Bamidele Otemuyiwa (2020), Marisa Martin (2021)

AUR Radiology Resident Academic Leadership and Development Program: Amber Liles (2017), Molly Roseland (2018), Casey Branach (2019), Sonia Gaur (2020), Vikrant Khare (2021)

American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents (A3CR2):

  • William Sherk, Treasurer (2017)
  • Yashesh Shah, Elections Committee Member (2018)
  • Alexandria Jo, Rules Committee Member (2018)

Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Resident Fellow Student Section (RFS) Chair Elect of the IR Residency Training Committee: Alexandria Jo (2015-2020)

Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Economics Committee, Member, Michelle Shnayder

Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) RFS Applied Ethics and Palliative Care Education Committee, Executive Member, Michelle Shnayder

ACR Sustainability Group, Marisa Martin

American Journal of Roentgenology, Reviewer, Sonia Gaur

Academic Radiology, Reviewer, Sonia Gaur

European Radiology, Reviewer, Sonia Gaur

Awards and Grants


  • Michelle Shnayder-Adams - ACR Radiology Leadership Institute Emerging Leader Award


  • Sonia Gaur - American Journal of Roentgenology Reviewer Spotlight Recognition, January 2021


  • Byron DuBois – Cum Laude Award, RSNA
  • Rudra Pampati – Certificate of Merit, RSNA
  • Michelle Shnayder – Certificate of Merit, RSNA


  • Chris Centonze - AUR Memorial Award - "Routine Chest Radiography for the Evaluation of Pneumothorax Following Bronchoscopy"
  • Jimmy Mahn - SIR RFS National Case Competition Winner
  • Rudra Pampati - Cum Laude Award, RSNA; SIR RFS National Case Competition Finalist
  • Ashley Anderson - Certificate of Merit, RSNA
  • Omar Khan - SAR Trainee Travel Scholarship Award; SSR First Place Educational Exhibit


  • Byron DuBois - Michigan Society of Interventional Radiology Annual Scientific Project Winner
  • Everett Gu – Stanley Baum Best Poster Award – “Essential Diagnoses Using Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: Sonography Made Easy”, AUR
  • Rudra Pampati - Honorable Mention, AIMsymposium
  • Steven Han – Magna Cum Laude Award, RSNA
  • Brianna Oliver - SIR RFS National Case Competition Finalist


  • John Millet – Certificate of Merit, RSNA
  • Sean Woolen – Young Investigator Award, SCBT-MR
  • Steven Han - SIR RFS National Case Competition Finalist



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