Printed 3D image

All residents are required to participate in at least one research project and encouraged to publish at least one paper during residency. As one of the top funded research campuses in the country, the University of Michigan offers abundant research opportunities.

Our faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized for their research in radiology. Through one-on-one training and formal teaching conferences, they guide residents through the process of project design, data collection, manuscript preparation, oral presentation, and publication. Many of our radiology residents have won recognition for their presentations and exhibits at national meetings.

In addition to expert faculty mentorship, residents in radiology research also enjoy:

  • Opportunities to perform cutting edge research with an active CAD/AI lab and exciting work being performed with 3D imaging and printing.
  • Access to professional statisticians, medical illustrators, and media staff to help prepare posters and electronic presentations.
  • Two weeks of dedicated clinical research time in both the second and third years of residency for all residents (a total of four weeks). Fourth year residents may opt for additional research time.
  • Funding support, including travel reimbursement for presentations at conferences and national meetings.
  • State-of-the art technology, including information and imaging retrieval support.
  • Support by the Program Director and Associate Program Directors to help facilitate connections with faculty mentors, as needed.