Alumni Profiles

Assistant Professor, Radiology
University of California, San Francisco
Abdominal Imaging
U-M Residency: 2015-2019
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Michigan Medicine is a great place to learn and master diagnostic radiology. During my four years as a resident, I learned from world-class radiologists who took time to teach and deliver excellent care every day. The faculty treated me as an equal throughout my training and continue to provide support in my endeavors as I progressed beyond residency. Michigan radiology is a family that I am grateful and proud to be a part of and I am very glad to have completed my residency in Ann Arbor.

Carolyn Wang, MD

Associate Professor, Radiology
Vice Chair, SCCA Imaging
University of Washington
U-M residency: 2004-2009
Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern

"Michigan radiology is a nurturing family with faculty members who care about you.It challenges and supports you. After four years, you will leave with superior radiology knowledge and life long friends."

Jennifer Weaver, MD

Associate Professor, Radiology
Chief, Musculoskeletal Radiology
University of New Mexico
U-M residency: 2001-2005
Medical School: Ohio State University

"University of Michigan's radiology residency program is phenomenal. I was given the opportunity to learn radiology in a world class institution of medicine, from leaders in the field. The faculty are superb teachers, and  become lifelong mentors and friends. Friendships with several of my co-residents are a treasured part of my life."

Professor, Radiology
Body Imaging Fellowship Director
Director of Ultrasound
Stanford University
U-M residency: 2000–2004
Medical School: University of Utah

“You are going to love your four years in Ann Arbor…the University of Michigan is truly a wonderful place. It’s a nurturing environment with that ‘special sauce’ that makes for the ideal and balanced residency. Pick up any issue of Radiology or AJR and you will see numerous papers written by current or former Michigan radiologists. You will be become one of them someday if you are lucky enough to match at Michigan!”

Jonathan Burdette, MD

Professor, Radiology
Vice Chairman, Research
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
U-M residency: 1993-1997
Medical School: University of Tennessee

"When asked to reflect on my time in Ann Arbor, I wasn't sure where to start. My core feeling is one of happiness; I really enjoyed my 4 years as a radiology resident. Without question, U of M radiology is a nurturing environment combined with cutting edge radiology-what training could be better than that? More specifically, I remember case readouts, noon conferences, section conferences, and resident commaraderie as high points. I also fondly remember the non-medical parts of my residency, such as discussions of music with Drs. Cohan and Rubin; meeting interesting people in the Ann Arbor Track Club, and singing in the Ann Arbor Choral Union. In hindsight, these experiences shaped my life as much as my formal radiology training did."