Eisenberg Family Depression Center

The Department of Psychiatry is home to the Eisenberg Family Depression Center. Established in 2001, the center is the first of its kind devoted entirely to bringing depression into the mainstream of medical research, translational care, education, and public policy. The Eisenberg Family Depression Center is at the forefront in changing the paradigm of how depression and bipolar illnesses are understood and treated.


About the Depression Center

The Mission

The mission of the Eisenberg Family Depression Center is to detect depression and bipolar disorders earlier, treat more effectively, prevent recurrences and progression, counteract stigma, and improve public policy.

The Vision

Depression’s stigma will be a vestige of the past; people will be empowered with knowledge; better detection, outcomes, and fewer recurrences will be a reality; and prevention will no longer be a dream.


The Eisenberg Family Depression Center Toolkit provides information, tools, support, and resources to guide you through your mental health journey.

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