September 14, 2022

How a Chief Wellness Officer Manages His Own Burnout

Kirk J. Brower, M.D., is featured in this AMA podcast. 

The AMA STEPS Forward Podcast is a podcast where healthcare leaders share insight, strategies, and tips to combat physician burnout, improve patient care, and help put the joy back into the practice of medicine. 


You can listen to the episode here - look for the "September 14" podcast

Kirk J. Bower, M.D., is the faculty director of the Michigan Medicine Wellness Office and chief wellness officer for the U-M Medical School. In this episode, he discusses how his personal experience with burnout led to a career focus on burnout prevention and improved well-being for all physicians. 


Kirk Brower, M.D.

Professor, Department of Psychiatry
U-M Addiction Center
U-M Addiction Treatment Services