August 17, 2021

6 ways parents can manage pandemic back-to-school anxiety

Katherine Rosenblum, Ph.D., is cited in this article

Experts provide tips for taking COVID panic down a notch so you can breathe easier and set kids up for an amazing school year.

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3. Trust educators

Teachers, principals and administrators faced so many challenges over the past 18 months, yet new preparation, learning and safety measures are necessary for the new school year. Educators across the country have new guidelines from the U.S. Department of Education, and more is being done at the state, district and classroom levels as well.

“I recently spoke with a second-grade teacher,” says Koslowitz, “who is adjusting the curriculum at the beginning of the year to basically be first grade all over again.”

“Teachers have been giving this a lot of thought,” says Katherine Rosenblum, a clinical and developmental psychologist at the University of Michigan and advisor to Zero to Thrive, a program promoting mental health in families suffering inequity and adversity. Her organization partnered with the governor of Michigan to host a series of webinars dedicated to readying teachers for their return to the classroom. 

“In their preparation, teachers and administrators are prioritizing health and safety, emotional and social well-being and curricula that accelerates learning given the challenges faced during the pandemic,” Rosenblum says. “Most teachers are really excited about having kids in the classroom face to face. [They know] that kids are ready for learning.”