Annual Newsletter

A Letter From The Chair:

Dear Friends,

I greet you with warm wishes for a safe, peaceful and healthy new year! We closed out 2021 with more pandemic stress than we anticipated a year ago when vaccines were just becoming available. At that time, there were fervent hopes for a return to some pre-pandemic normalcy in 2021. We recognize now, and history teaches us once again, that there is no panacea. Our “normal” has now shifted. Facing the challenges of the last year, many very stressful and punctuated by ongoing division and tragic losses, we have also recognized opportunities to adapt, cope and grow through our relationships with our work and with each other.

I am proud to report that the faculty, staff and trainees of the Department of Psychiatry have continued to rise to the many challenges and demonstrated remarkable resilience and mutual support despite the stress. In the pages that follow, we provide some examples of the work across our clinical, educational and research missions. You will see some of our key treatment and clinical research programs, some
even arching toward policy initiatives that will help enhance supports and reduce risk of illness across the lifespan.

We are also pleased to update you on our General Residency Program and introduce you to new faculty who are alumni of our psychiatry and psychology training programs. 

All of this work is enhanced and often catalyzed by our partnerships with you and the other members of our community. We are so grateful for your support! It helps us explore new research ideas, provide important education and outreach to our community, and attract the next generation of leaders in our field. As always, I welcome your feedback  and invite you to stay connected as we strive to ever advance our work and enhance the impact of Michigan Psychiatry.

Best wishes,

Gregory W. Dalack, M.D.

Chair, Department of Psychiatry
Daniel E. Offutt III Professor of Psychiatry
[email protected]


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