LGBTQ+ Communities

 General Considerations and Risk factors

  • Family & Community factors:

    •  Increased levels of stress during the pandemic due to the potential of being quarantined with trans-phobic/homophobic/non supportive/abusive family

    • Destruction of property by family (clothing, cosmetics, binders/gaffs/packers/flags)

  • Concerns about respect:

    • Name/pronouns not being respected and used by family, friends, and other community members (including medical providers)

    • Inability to dress/act/present freely and comfortably

  • Isolation: 

    • Separation from significant others

    • Limited access to validation from peers, loss of community

    • Decreased access to safe spaces in person and/or not having internet access

  • Sadness & coping:

    • Having fewer or no distractions from dysphoria or having exacerbated dysphoria

    • Increased risk for using unhealthy coping mechanisms

  • Health Care:

    • Lost or impaired access to hormone treatment/medical care

    • Fears of being mistreated/disrespected in the medical system leading to avoiding seeking care

  • Financial:

    • Having a hard time getting/keeping a job, paying rent, general financial stress

(SCRIPTS) Culturally empathetic visits with members of the LGBTQ+ culture/community:

  • Introduce yourself with your pronouns - " Hi I'm Dr. Soandso and my pronouns are She/Her/Hers."

  • Ask if the individual has mental or physical health concerns related to sexual or gender status

  • Ask if the individual's experience during the pandemic has been more difficult because of sexual or gender status.  

  • Ask if the individual has felt respected, safe, and autonomous where and with whom they have been sheltering.

  • It is okay to explain that you need help understanding clearly how the pandemic created or increased someone's health needs. We are all learning as this is an unprecedented time and most people will welcome the opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of their culture and experience.