February 20, 2023

New Paper Published Exploring Childhood Trauma and Depressive Symptoms in Bipolar Disorder

International collaborator of the Prechter Program and lead author, Anna Wrobel, talks about findings from the publication.

Team Deakin University

Childhood trauma and bipolar disorder
Experiences of childhood trauma are common among individuals with bipolar disorder. The literature tells us that people who experienced childhood trauma will report a more severe or long-term form of bipolar disorder, including more severe depressive symptoms.

Can network theory help us understand this link?
Exploring the networks of depressive symptoms – in other words, how individual depressive symptoms are interconnected – among patients with bipolar disorder with and without a history of childhood trauma may provide us with vital information about the link between childhood trauma and the severity of depressive symptoms.

What did our research show?
Our study highlighted that patients with bipolar disorder who have a history of childhood trauma may benefit from interventions that specifically target the symptom: feelings of worthlessness. Do you want to know more? You can find the article here.

This research was conducted in collaboration with IMPACT TRIALS at Deakin University in Australia.