Christian Carlson, PharmD, MBA

Pharmacy Manager, Emergency Medicine & Clinic Requisition Services
Rotation Offered: Emergency Medicine Practice Management


I manage Emergency Medicine Services (both Adult and Children's). I also manage Clinic Requisitions, or the medication distribution to the Michigan Medicine affiliated clinics in the greater Ann Arbor area and southeast Michigan, as well as to the many research studies on the main campus. 

Pharmacy School Attended: University of Texas at Austin (2019)

Additional Training: 

  • PGY1 Pharmacy- University of Michigan (2020)
  • PGY2 Health System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership- University of Michigan (2021)
  • Masters in Business Administration: University of Michigan Ross School of Business (2022)

Fun Fact: I have a twin sister and growing up we had the same initials (CCC) - hence the nickname, Triple C.

Areas of Interest

Lean methodology, continuous improvement and leveraging technology applications for more streamlined/automated operations (clinical and medication distribution).

Published Articles or Reviews

Evoy KE, Hill LG, Groff L, Mazin L, Carlson CC, Reveles KR. Naloxone Accessibility Without a Prescriber Encounter Under Standing Orders at Community Pharmacy Chains in Texas. JAMA. 2018;320(18):1934–1937. doi:10.1001/jama.2018.15892