Ph.D. Students

In addition to the Rackham Graduate School policies for doctoral students, as a doctoral student in Pharmacology, you need to know the basics of Course Selection in years 1 and 2, followed by Preliminary Exams at the end of year 2, Supplemental Training, and eventually your Thesis Defense. You also need to submit an Annual Progress Report and updated CV after each committee meeting.

The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) is your number one resource for information and guidance throughout your training. The GPC is chaired by Dr. Peggy Gnegy, and includes Drs. Steve Fisher, Jorge Iñiguez, Yoichi Osawa, Les Satin, and Greg Tall, and Sondra Auerbach. The student body elects one third-year student to represent their interests on the committee. The current student representative is Nnamdi Edokobi. 

You can also play an active role in organizing the program throughout your graduate training:

  • Attend regular student meetings on the first Wednesday of every month in 1301 MSRB III.
  • Run for the elected GPC student representative position.
  • Join a committee to plan Career Day, the Annual Retreat, or monthly social activities.

Contact [email protected] for more information.